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"Muscle Eyes": The Med Ball Clean (Part II)

BeckymbcleanFor one last look at the Med Ball Clean, let’s address Becky’s starting position here. We’ve got some lumbar curve, it appears that we have proper foot angle (although it’s hard to see with the other Med Balls in the way) but we have one major issue to correct: her arms are not hanging in a straight line over the ball and her knees are flexed just a bit too much. The solution? Bring her butt up a tad and position the ball forward an inch. Then, her shoulders will be lined up over the ball and she’ll be ready to pull from the Deadlift position.

And, congrats to Becky and the Thursday night crew — who nailed the workout ("Badger") last night! Each of them vastly improved their Med Ball Clean technique — including Mystery Woman, who just might not swear so much next time Cleans are in the WOD! (Okay, maybe that’s hoping for too much. And, actually, we’re kind of used to the swearing and maybe even like it a little bit.)

Did you catch the improvements we could make to Melissa’s Medicine Ball Clean in the down position yesterday? We could bring her torso more upright, improve her lumbar curve, and bring her toes in a bit more so that they are at about 30 degrees turned out. Being aware of the corrections you need to make is half the battle though, and we’re confident that Melissa’s next Med Ball Cleans will be awesome.

And, because it’s Friday, that means we need Friday Funnies. So, let’s hear a joke! How many CrossFitters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three. One to do it in record time, another to post a video of it on You Tube, and the third to complain that the first guy had less than perfect form on the lightbulb change and that his time shouldn’t count.