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CrossFit Cricket!

Beckyk Kathrine prepares to serve the Med Ball to Becky in this morning’s CrossFit Cricket game.

Oh, alright, we just made that up. It does kind of look like they’re playing some weird new sport, though, doesn’t it? In actuality, Becky was at full extension for her box jump (good girl, Becky!) while Kathrine was doing something (repositioning? dribbling? practicing mind control?) with the Med Ball during a set of Cleans. Whatever it was, we’re happy to have Kathrine back from vacation and CrossFitting again!

And, for your reading pleasure, a short piece from the New York Times that made me think, "CrossFit at 10,000 feet! Why didn’t I think of that?" Read Disease Fighter Turns Plane Aisle Into a Gym and realize that, really, you can exercise absolutely anywhere.

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