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In Defense of Nails

CrossFit and nice nails? Can they go together? Freddy Camacho over at CrossFit One World likes the CrossFit women who kick ass and get their nails done, so we’ve decided to take a second look at nails.

Wallballnails2 Nails3 Nails4 Nails5


Can you Name the Nails of these CrossFitting women? Post your guesses to Comments!

We’d also like to note that while our latest article, CrossFit Women: Why Not Roar?,  cast humorous aspersions towards the nail salon mania that grips America, nice nails are nothing to sneeze at. Well, actually you might sneeze at them but that’s kind of a gross image and we don’t really want to go there now. Besides, our building neighbors and our home neighbors are heavily involved in the nail industry and we hope for many years of good business for both of them. (Quick, go get your nails done, preferably in the greater Waterbury area!)

And, when we were doing research for this blog post (a.k.a. Googling for fun), we came across How To Be Hard As Nails, a blog with the interesting entry of "10 Ways to Be the Toughest Girl or Guy in Town" and a bunch of other good stuff: check it out!

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