March Cupcake of the Month

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Cupcakeofmarch It had to happen. Somebody was bound to earn the rather dubious title of March Cupcake of Month. For a brief moment last night, as I chased a seriously fatigued Becky on the agility ladder, I thought it might be her. In some odd CrossFit version of "An Officer and a Gentleman," I found myself bellowing like a drill sergeant, "Are you a Cupcake? I think you’re a Cupcake! I smell Cupcake!" but Becky dug deep and redoubled her efforts, all the while yelling back, "I am not a Cupcake!" And then, of course, we had a good laugh and carried Debra Winger out of the paper factory. But I digress.

Announcing our inaugural CrossFit Watertown Cupcake of the Month: Kathrine (who failed to show up for the 6am class this morning and left poor, pregnant Melissa to slog through "Barbara" on her own.) Hmmm. COM. And I don’t even think you get a reserved parking spot for this one. But, don’t worry, we’ll save you a place at the "toning" class at the nearest globo-gym . . .


Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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