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Ready or Not?

Some folks just are not ready.

For CrossFit, for change, for love, for life, for lots of things new and untried.

Remaining the same is safer, and more comfortable.

Let them be.

What? Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t I be telling you to go after them? To pursue them and convince them that this is the best thing for them? That CrossFit will save their life?


They have to be ready to take the first step. You can’t take it for them. You can only keep living your life. You can’t live theirs too. Help them if they want your help. Walk away if they don’t.

It will be hard, really hard, but you have to do it. For yourself, and (in a way) for them. People don’t change because you want them to change. They change because they are ready to change.

So, work on the only person you can change: yourself. Live the best life you can. And, if someone asks for your help, give it with all your heart, because now maybe they are ready . . .

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