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No Excuses

You know I signed up for the CrossFit Games Open. I can’t stop myself. I’m still not 100% injury-free and I’m tired from travel and I work way too much and I have kids and fifty other excuses why I should have kept my $20 in my pocket and just said “See ya next year!” Wah wah wah wah.

I have excuses … and they are simply not acceptable.

See, where I work, you don’t get excuses. There is success and there is failure. Excuses don’t get honored. It sounds tough but it’s brutally honest, when you think about it. Succeed or fail. There are only two options.

Why should the gym be any different? Why should the Open be any different? Why should CrossFit be any different?

You can produce, or you can fail. What’s not acceptable is believing there’s a valid reason that excuses your failure or that somehow makes your lack of success okay.

What if you adopted this attitude in your life? It’s brutal, but what if you tried it?

Stop making excuses. Stop explaining failure. Stop looking to take the heat off. What’s the worst that could happen? You could fail. SO WHAT? At least you tried and at least you didn’t flap your gums with some lame-ass excuse.

They succeed or fail. And then they try again, often at something harder.

Sign up for the Open. Get your ticket to the party. I don’t care if you win, but I don’t care if you come in last either. I only care that you don’t make excuses … and that you suffer with me.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)