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Top 10 Posts of 2014

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Two of the most-read posts this year were actually from previous years: “The Unofficial CrossFit Joke Book” was written in 2008,  and “Dear Haters” was written in 2011.

What does this tell us? Certain topics never go out of style, and the power of social media is greater than ever! These posts lived because they spoke to something we all felt, and we wanted to share those words with our friends. That’s cool. And, as always, thank you for reading and sharing. Here’s to a fabulous 2105 for us all!

Top 10 “Words With Lisbeth” Posts of 2014 (by number of views):

10. “Can a Trainer Work Out With the Class?”

9. “CrossFit Alone vs. CrossFit With Others”

8. “It’s Okay To Be a 3-Times-a-Week CrossFitter”

7. “The Unofficial CrossFit Joke Book”

6. “Getting Past the Pain”

5. “Nothing Wrong With a Shoebox”

4. “5 Lessons to be Learned From the Camille Photo Controversy”

3. “Project Kindness: The Jason Fine Story”

2. “Don’t Like CrossFit? We Don’t Care.”

1. “Dear Haters”