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Remember that training helps you prepare for all your endeavors. Prepare, but be certain to keep your sights in check and your internal scale calibrated.

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It’s Okay To Be a 3-Times-a-Week CrossFitter

Not all of us are cut from the same cloth. There are many athletes in their forties/fifties/sixties/seventies who either can't or don't want to do CrossFit five times a week.

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The Importance Of Refocusing

All that matters is that you are continually trying to improve from where you are right now.

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Make Yourself an Expert

Thoughts on social media strategy for small business owners.

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My $200 Lesson

It's easy to spend a lot of time talking and thinking, harder to spend a lot of time producing and shipping.

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First, You Must Decide It Matters

If this thing you're doing doesn't matter to you, progress is doing to be slow, if it shows at all. So, first you must decide it matters.

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Some Quick Notes on Blogging

This isn't a definitive list, just something to get you going or to restart you if you've stopped.

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Can You Pursue Mastery and Chase Goats?

What if Beethoven had spent a great deal of his time trying to craft a novel? What if Van Gogh had tried to improve his horrid salesman skills and spent less time with the oils?

Can you truly pursue mastery if you are focused on attacking your weaknesses?

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