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Fear Not Your Own Voice

Fear not your own voice. Forget the past missteps.

You were younger then, only on the way to becoming you.

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Maybe This Is the Monday You’ll Remember

"What exactly am I waiting for?"

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10 Quotes To Help You Get Stronger (Part 1)

The act of getting strong doesn't start in the gym. It starts in your head.

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How Small Is Your Circle?

You can get other viewpoints from books and movies and the news, but the best place you can get other viewpoints is directly from other people.

So make some new friends — ones that don’t look like you.

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What Will It Take For You To Be Happy?

No one can help you—not even the universe—if you don't know what you want and you're not working toward what you need.

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$75 Sweatshirts

Are you selling an experience worth the money, and earning trust and repeat business? Or are you just taking the cash and moving onto the next customer?

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One Great Way to Deal with Difficult People

Because once you start looking for the good in people, you give them the chance to show you even more of it.

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You’re Supposed to Let Them Go

Perhaps the hardest lesson to deal with as a mother: You're supposed to let them go.

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