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Barbells and Haiku

For one special day, I wrote haiku for new supporters of my Kickstarter project. Enjoy!

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Your Choices, Your Time

If you find yourself saying you need more time in your day, up your quotient of Choice #3 and see what happens.

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5 Key Things To Remember After You’re Laid Off

Keep these points in mind as you move forward. And good luck!

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Things That Don’t Fit Together …

How many parts of our lives do we mash together, trying to make things fit? How many times have we found ourselves in a job or a relationship, squirming and trying to change (we never really changed) in order to fit our role?

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Psst. I Have a New Book That Needs Your Support!

My new project is a book called "Be Better" and you can find it (and fund it!)  on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

(Some of you might know this because you've already supported it and got the campaign off to a roaring start! Thank you!)

Allow me to cut to the chase: the old ways of publishing aren't dead, but they're very different from what they used to be. There are fewer publishing houses, fewer bricks-and-mortar bookstores, etc. and the "advance and a book tour" days now belong to the Hillary Clintons and the Malcolm Gladwells of the world. That's not me. (Surprise!)

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