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Posts by Lisbeth Darsh

Holiday Advice You Didn’t Ask For

So, how to survive the holiday season?

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One Woman’s Request

Don’t be nice to me. Not here, not in the gym. Not just because I’m a woman. You can be nice to me in the bar, on the street, in the library, at home. But in the gym I’m no longer your baby, your honey, or your sweetheart. I’m a woman in a gym and I’m here to kick ass, not show mine.

In the gym, I’m about performance, not popularity. I’m about achievement, not appearance. I’m about strength, not sex.

Do you get that? Whether you’re my workout partner, my friend, my lover, or my coach, don’t suggest that I go...Read more


You're an addict. A CrossFit addict. Maybe you don't have track marks on your arms, but look at your hands. Touch your traps. Check out the marks on your shins, or your collarbone. The signs are there, aren't they?

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Crossing Over

If I really think about it, I know the barbell can't save me.

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Crazy Talk Day

What is "Karen"?

If you answered "150 wall-balls, for time" you're correct but you're not right. No gold star for you.

Karen is a test of fortitude. Mental toughness. The ability to stick with a job and not give up.

Karen is life and love in a round object.

Karen is the guts to keep going when your brain and your heart and your legs and your lungs say to stop.

Karen is the answer to every question that you hold, every dark secret that you hide, every dream you ever had, and every time you ever gave up on something that you should have...Read more


The simple truth of the matter is that good things take time. And great things take even more time.

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Get Here If You Can

So, on those really bad days, when you think the last thing in the world you should do is work out, well -- on those days especially -- make sure you CrossFit.

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I Can’t Make You

You have to decide if you have a warrior's soul, if you're a CrossFitter.

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