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Posts by Lisbeth Darsh

Elevating Body, Thoughts, and Mood

Just breathe and live. Maybe jump too.

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10 Ways To Be a Better CrossFitter

Just do them.

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One Woman’s Manifesto

I am not too old for anything. I’m too young for life on the couch.

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Confessions of a Recovered Globo-Gym Addict

CrossFit -- when I went hard enough -- was leaving me gasping and exhausted in 20 minutes -- like hours in the globo-gym never had. It became my drug of choice.

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The Gym Is No Different

The gym is no different. What you get out of your experience is going to be directly related to what you put into it—physically and emotionally.

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Plan, Act, Succeed

People who plan do better. At CrossFit and in life. Just a simple fact.

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Stomping the "Easy Button"

Nothing gets handed to you here. Everything must be earned. Life isn't easy. But then neither is CrossFit.

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The B**** Mode

The kindness of women is undoubtedly one of the finest parts of life. But for a few minutes today -- during that workout -- let your inner bitch fly.

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