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$75 Sweatshirts

Are you selling an experience worth the money, and earning trust and repeat business? Or are you just taking the cash and moving onto the next customer?

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Is the Fitness Landscape Changing Again?

What do you think? Is the group class model enough anymore? Or do you find yourself jonesing for something different?

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Avon Calling

Mom was just a woman in her 40's with blue eyes, a big smile, and an even bigger heart — and every front door would open. People know good people when they see them.

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Begging With Baby

It was hard to tell if the baby was real. But the lesson sure was.

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It’s Okay To Be a 3-Times-a-Week CrossFitter

Not all of us are cut from the same cloth. There are many athletes in their forties/fifties/sixties/seventies who either can't or don't want to do CrossFit five times a week.

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Make Yourself an Expert

Thoughts on social media strategy for small business owners.

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My $200 Lesson

It's easy to spend a lot of time talking and thinking, harder to spend a lot of time producing and shipping.

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First, You Must Decide It Matters

If this thing you're doing doesn't matter to you, progress is doing to be slow, if it shows at all. So, first you must decide it matters.

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