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What is Pre-Bok? And What Does It Mean?

The oldheads call that period Pre-Bok like it was an era between Paleolithic and Mesolithic. These folks talk of a workout life that was different.

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Branding, Wearing Logos, and Getting Sweaty

Does it matter if your workout has a name? Or is the name superfluous?

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Coffee, Wifi, and Seeing the Person Behind the Customer

Seeing the person behind the customer, and understanding potential pain points.

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The Power of a Simple Greeting

Every single one of us wants to feel appreciated just for being us, before we are anyone or anything else to anybody.

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What’s Your Excuse?

Motivational question or fitness taunt?

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Switching Gyms

Businesses have customers, and sometimes customers move on.

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The key to stopping bitterness? Attention. It's like a magic drug.

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$75 Sweatshirts

Are you selling an experience worth the money, and earning trust and repeat business? Or are you just taking the cash and moving onto the next customer?

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