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Head Up, Eyes Forward

We bring so much on ourselves. We get some thought in our head and we dwell on it, dwell on it, dwell on it ... until we have a problem. We don't really have a problem, but we've convinced ourselves that we have a problem, so guess what? Now we have a problem.

Ever do this in the gym?

Then stop it.

Learn what you can from a bad lift and move on. Learn what you can from anything that happens in your life, and move forward, upward, onward ... anywhere but the same spot, brooding on your troubles. Your perceived troubles.

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Do This, And Your Day Might Improve

This is going to sound stupid and sappy and ridiculous, but here it is: Whatever you face today, put more love into it.

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Pride Goeth Before A Miss — And Other CrossFit Platitudes


Pride goeth before a miss.

The more weight, the merrier.

United we stand, kind of staggered we run.

Don't rub salt in the wound. Unless it's a big tear from pull-ups and you like to cry.

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the noon class.

Too many cooks spoil the meatza.

A watched bar never lifts itself.

Let the bumpers fall where they may.

CrossFit is the spice of life.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Well, you can. But you're going to feel like shit in the morning.

A big fish in a small box.

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If you're lost ... join the club. We all are. It's just that some of us are pretending not to be.

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CrossFit, done right, is like taking drugs. Your brain gets scrambled and your hands shake, but you feel flippin' FANTASTIC. Yet your health improves and you look better. The fact that you get to keep all your teeth is just a bonus.

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