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Posts from the ‘Daily Archives’ Category

The Simple Truth

The answer doesn't lie in my iPhone or my Mac. The answer lies in putting all that sh** down and talking to each other in real time.

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Opening the Way

There's no photo that can really explain why we do what we do. No one image can explain why we CrossFit. And, oddly enough, there really aren't any words that easily sum it up either.

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The CrossFit Treehouse

The old tree house looks a little different but it's still a place where you're safe to dream and folks will give you a hand up if you need one.

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The “S” Word

Don't ever apologize for having standards.

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Barbell Voodoo

Don't sit on my barbell. Don't balance on it. Don't lean on it with your foot. I don't. If I want to lift that weight, I must respect it.

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