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Are You the Man (or Woman) in the Arena?

I may be foolish but I’m not timid.
The odds of me winning the CrossFit Albany East Coast Challenge are really, really small . . . but I’m going. I’m realistic about my chances as a fortyish female in very good (but not killer Kelly Moore-ish) shape. I’ll probably finish far away from the winners, just like I do in most triathlons and a good portion of the running and mountain bike races I enter. Where I finish never has anything to do with why I signed up in the first place. I am only peripherally competing against other people:...Read more

CrossFit Is Dangerous, But So Is Your Toothbrush

You’ve probably heard someone say it by now: “CrossFit? Isn't that dangerous?”

And they’re right. CrossFit is dangerous . . . if you don’t know how to do it. You could get hurt.
But, then again, you could hurt yourself while driving a car. And firing a weapon. Or cooking. In fact, if I didn’t know how to handle my toothbrush and stuck it in my eye and brushed my cornea, I’d bet I’d be in a world of pain. (Note to self: be very careful after having a few beers.) It's like that old Ani DiFranco line: "Every tool is a...Read more

CrossFit and the Resurgence of the No Quit Tribe

Once upon a time, there were two tribes: the No Quit Tribe and the Poor Me Tribe. One grabbed life by the shoulders (or even lower) and surged forward, ever forward, no matter the consequences, whether physical or mental: these were the people of the No Quit Tribe. The other tribe – the Poor Me Tribe -- looked at life from an opposite viewpoint: shying away from pain, shunning physical challenges, seeking only to engage in non-threatening activities, with a constant massage of the ego because it made them feel good. They avoided pain at all cost. If things...Read more

CrossFit: Preparing for Imagined Moments of Heroism

Let’s hope that Virginia Heffernan is right and we’re wrong. Let’s hope, like she writes in her New York Times article (God's Workout), that we CrossFitters are preparing for "an imagined moment of heroism that may never come." May all of our efforts at achieving a fighting level of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) just be the result of succumbing to ridiculous hyperbole designed to make us buy into Greg Glassman’s crazy dream of bringing people home alive. Let’s hope (outside of the military, fire, and law enforcement personnel among us) that we civilians and desk jockeys never once have to...Read more

Conquering Your Fear of the Box Jump

You're scared to jump on top of the box. Don't worry, you're not alone.

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Is CrossFit a Cult?

So we’re a cult. So what? We CrossFit. We seek to better ourselves through an odd brand of functional fitness, and maybe, in this pursuit, we help others.

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Top 10 Rejected Slogans for CrossFit Watertown

As promised, here are the ones that got away. (And, to the nuns at St. John's School, who tried so hard to teach me to be a good girl: look away. Save yourself the agony.)


Top 10 Rejected Slogans for CFW

10.) You say "Puke" like it's a bad thing . . .

9.) When you cough up blood, you know you're doing it right.

8.) Now you're really f***ed.

7.) Turkish Get-up? Let me show you the Turkish "Get-Down!"

6.) That pole's not just for pull-ups, honey.

5.) Laugh and the world laughs with you. Puke and we'll laugh at you.

4.) Thruster? I barely know her!

3.)...Read more

CrossFit and the Warrior Within

Most of us are not Marines or Navy SEALs. We’re not cops or firefighters. Most of us don’t live heroic lives or even talk about bravery in any real context. We know little of real need, and less of sacrifice. Instead of facing danger daily, most of us face boredom daily; there is too much of everything in America. We have wants and large appetites. Discipline is relegated to putting half a teaspoon of sugar in our tea, or buying a smaller car to save on gas, or skipping dessert. Like it or not, this is modern-day America. We...Read more

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