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Posts from the ‘Essays’ Category

Throw Your Hands in the Air

We get this idea that everyone is supposed to stay in our lives, and that we're a big failure if they leave. But, often, that's just not true.

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Please Don’t Fit In

Run. Oh, run. You don't have to be what came before.

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What is Pre-Bok? And What Does It Mean?

The oldheads call that period Pre-Bok like it was an era between Paleolithic and Mesolithic. These folks talk of a workout life that was different.

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What I’m Reading This Month

Here are the highlights from this month's book pile!

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Branding, Wearing Logos, and Getting Sweaty

Does it matter if your workout has a name? Or is the name superfluous?

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The Barbell Mindset Poem (That Might Trick You)

Read this poem going down. Then read it going up.

Mindset is vastly important to success.

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Doing Life Right

If your 20's were the best time of your life, then you're not doing your 30's right.

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The Things We Wake Up To

How can you change your life so that you bound from your slumber every day and are of supreme use to this world and extraordinarily blissfully happy?

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