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15 Lessons From the 50 Marker

15 lessons, because nobody wants to read 50 of anything.

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Showing Up

Showing up is how we improve ourselves as human beings, by being there repeatedly, even on days that we might not want to be there.

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Stop Trying to Please Everyone

Everyone doesn't have to like you. Everyone shouldn't like you.

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Switching Gyms

Businesses have customers, and sometimes customers move on.

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“I’m Not Criticizing, But …”

If you do not make waves, the water never changes.

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The key to stopping bitterness? Attention. It's like a magic drug.

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The Uninvited Guest

The far-too-serious parts of life will always meet you on their own timeline.

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The High Cost of Half-Listening

The real question is this: Can you accept this challenge in your life? Or did you even hear all of what I said?

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