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You’re Supposed to Let Them Go

Perhaps the hardest lesson to deal with as a mother: You're supposed to let them go.

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Who’s On The Ride?

Why waste time explaining yourself to people who do not like you?

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This Revolution

When you think about it, much of our suffering comes because we have a difficult time accepting change.

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It will be the most exciting and the most frightening moment of your life. And you will live through it.

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Run Now While the Sun Is Shining

Experiment. Be bold. Be adventurous. Dare.
The days do not get longer.

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The Myth of Overnight Results

Most things don't happen overnight, so don't expect things to be undone overnight.

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Saturday Morning, Early, With Rain

Almost hot coffee, an amber dog, a blue ballpoint, a drugstore notebook, this chilly porch.

Saturday morning, early, with rain.

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Should You Fight Change? Or Embrace It?

Maybe it is true that the universe whispers to you, then the universe shouts, and then the universe thunders.

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