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“Mastery Hurts” and 9 Other Quotes To Get You Moving

From Virgil to Morrison ...

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Dumping the Heavy Rocks

You don't remember the exact moment when you decided to stop taking it. All the bullshit in this life, that is.

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What am I training for? To be healthier, to be happier. So, maybe I should do things that make me happier and healthier.

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Own It All

Own all of you are. Be able to say "Yes I am" with zero equivocation.

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For Those Who Leap

But the sky, oh the sky is never as strong as it is beautiful.

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Life Is Too Short for Brown Socks

Sure, they're just socks. But maybe they symbolize a lot more.

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The Luxury of Distraction

Be smart about your distractions. Choose them and don't allow them to govern you: that goes for in the gym as well as outside of the gym.

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Is It Wise to Work Out While Injured?

Sometimes, you're being smart by staying active and doing what you can while you heal. But sometimes, working out while injured is like trying to steer the car after you've already driven off the road and flipped it.

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