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Posts from the ‘Essays’ Category

Cleaning, with Power

And the bar pops onto on my shoulders.

If only my troubles could be lifted that easily.

Or yours.

Or anyone's.

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“Mastery Hurts” and 9 Other Quotes To Get You Moving

From Virgil to Morrison ...

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Dumping the Heavy Rocks

You don't remember the exact moment when you decided to stop taking it. All the bullshit in this life, that is.

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Burpee Penalty in the Gym: Smart Tool or Stupidity?

Why do we treat customers like misbehaving children?

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What am I training for? To be healthier, to be happier. So, maybe I should do things that make me happier and healthier.

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Own It All

Own all of you are. Be able to say "Yes I am" with zero equivocation.

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For Those Who Leap

But the sky, oh the sky is never as strong as it is beautiful.

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10 Quotes to Inspire

I picked the ten books closest to my reach at this moment, and found something awesome in each one.

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