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Shadow Boxing

Which is bigger? The barbell, or the shadow of the barbell?
Which is heavier? The weight, or the thought of the weight?
Which is stronger? You, or the memory of your failure?Read more

It’s Not All Kettlebells and Kumbayas

Sometimes, I'm competing only with myself. And sometimes I want to put my foot on your throat and cut off your air.

I don't think I'm supposed to say these thoughts aloud. Nice girls don't. But that's the truth.

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You Don’t Suck As Much As You Think You Do

If you're going to get better at this fitness thing (or anything), then you need to accept one fact: You do not suck as much as you think you do.

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What’s In It For You?

Is it still worth doing? Then do it, and don't look back.

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Where You Look Is Where You’ll Go

There is no set rule or time by which we all have to do anything, except get born and get dead.

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Those Shirts (Again)

I wear CrossFit affiliate shirts on some days, still. But on some days, I wear shirts with nothing on them.

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What Happened?

It's different. Some would say better, some would say worse. But it's changed, that's for sure.

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Avon Calling

Mom was just a woman in her 40's with blue eyes, a big smile, and an even bigger heart — and every front door would open. People know good people when they see them.

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