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Posts from the ‘Fitness’ Category

Why Are You Tolerating Mediocrity?

Insist on excellence and you'll find that, very often, excellence is what you'll eventually get.

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Barbells and Haiku

For one special day, I wrote haiku for new supporters of my Kickstarter project. Enjoy!

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No more shit reps.

You know what I'm talking about: the garbage movement that you sometimes do warming up, or when you're close to the end of the WOD, or when you're really tired and your attention wanders.

The mediocre and worse stuff. The stuff you do to just "get 'er done" and be closer to finished. The stuff you do because you just "don't have the time" or you need to hurry. The less than excellent. The "good enough" ...

I'm not just talking about the gym here. I'm talking about the shit reps in your life too. We see them. (And...Read more

The World Is Brutal and You Must Be Brave

It's just a stupid barbell, but it's one kick-ass weapon against the darkness.

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Look around your life and pick out what you absolutely need: Who and what you cannot survive without (or do not want to survive without). Then take a critical eye to everything (and everyone) else.

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