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Posts from the ‘Fun’ Category

Sneak Peek Inside My New Workout Journal

You know how difficult it can be to get yourself to the gym some days, and then you have to push yourself to get through the workout. Well, I'm here to help!

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“Go Forth and Flex”: The Fitness Commencement Speech

A few pieces of advice that you can carry forward in your pursuit of health and the continual quest to undo what delicious, evil cookies do to your body.

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10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Having a Better Day Than You

He slept more than you did ... and 9 other reasons why your canine companion is a happy pup.

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10 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are Better Than Babies

Sure, babies are great, but have you tried deadlifts?

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10 Things I Learned In My CrossFit Class

People who don't like deadlifts are like people who don't like dogs: probably not to be trusted.

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