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Posts from the ‘Inspiration’ Category

My Favorite Posts of 2015

My favorite posts of the year, from this blog as well as the articles I wrote for Eat to Perform and Steve's PaleoGoods.

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Top 10 Most-Read Posts of the Year

Almost 100 posts in 2015. Which ones were the most read?

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The Power of a Simple Greeting

Every single one of us wants to feel appreciated just for being us, before we are anyone or anything else to anybody.

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10 Great Quotes by Women Athletes

"If the sun comes up, I have a chance." — Venus Williams

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Finding Your Beautiful Self Again

If you lost her, today might be the day you find her.

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15 Lessons From the 50 Marker

15 lessons, because nobody wants to read 50 of anything.

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Showing Up

Showing up is how we improve ourselves as human beings, by being there repeatedly, even on days that we might not want to be there.

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“I’m Not Criticizing, But …”

If you do not make waves, the water never changes.

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