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Posts from the ‘Mindset’ Category

Are You Tired of Your Bullshit Life?

Sitting silently seething is no way to spend your beautiful life.

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Why It’s Okay Not to Have All the Answers

We find ourselves in the questions.

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I Know This Much Is True

In those moments when I get caught up in the sturm und drang of everyday life, I realize that (like that old Spandau Ballet song), I know this much is true.

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Barbell Therapy (Or, Why It’s Okay to Sweat Out Your Anger)

Sometimes, to push myself physically to the ends of myself is the only way to find anything close to what resembles peace in this confusing world.

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What They Think Doesn’t Matter

Love those people who don't understand why you like to lift weights. Hug them, and then ignore them.

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