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Getting Past The Pain

I didn't touch a barbell for five days. I lost seven pounds, but that lightness certainly didn't come from sweating anything except life's unexpected turns.

No workouts. No lifting. Not even an air squat. I didn't do my daily bend-and-bows. No stretching for my wonky SI joint. My stick for the Burgener warm-up sat in the corner, gathering dust.

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How Well Can You Move?

"It's not about what you can get. It's about how well you can move."

My coach (Jeff) said this in class while coaching another member, but he was spot on for all of us.

On a hang power clean. On a squat. On a push-up.

On your job. On love. On your entire life.

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CrossFit Alone vs. CrossFit With Others

CrossFit alone is infinitely harder than CrossFit with other people. It's a solitary suckfest. Sometimes I think it should be on a mental health checklist. ("Do you CrossFit alone? Are you on any medications?")

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Go Forth and Be Badass

When I was a Catholic school kid, I spent a lot of time going to Mass. While it wasn't always my favorite place, I loved two things about Mass: the Handshake of Peace and the closing phrase "Go forth to love and serve the Lord."

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Going Up

"As long as you're not going down, you're going up."

My coach (Jenny) said this in the 6am class to a tall gentleman who thought he had paused too long in the bottom of his back squat. Jenny wasn't trying to be profound -- she was just trying to be helpful -- but in that moment she was both.

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