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Knowing When To Follow Advice (Or Not)

Lots of people give advice. But not every piece of advice is worth heeding.

The internet has been a wonderful boon to our education in all sorts of things, but a detriment in other regards. Everyone is a publisher now, and hence everyone is an "expert." It is difficult to wade through the barrage of guidance.

The next time you're faced with someone telling you what you should do, stop and consider:

1.) Does this advice make sense?

2.) Is this person a good source for advice?

3.) Does this advice really apply to what I'm seeking to do and the goals I...Read more

Think and Choose

Somewhere, somebody is burning with jealousy. Complaining, seething, suffering. He doesn't have what he wants in life, so it's painful for him to look at others who do.

Don't be that person. (Don't fight with him either. Just walk away. Save your energy for the worthwhile battle.)

Somewhere, someone is stabbing with words and eviscerating with nouns. Her victim is standing right in front of her, hearing every word and taking them all inside. Cruelty has a human face and a human cost.

Don't be that bully. Instead, stand up to her. This is a fight worth fighting. Toni Morrison once said: "If you can...Read more

Notes to Myself: 1

You only have so many days. So many hours, so many minutes, so many moments. All of us, even those who are in fabulous shape and will live to be 100 or more, have a finite number of breaths on this earth.

So, why do you squander your time? Why do you waste time on things and emotions and miscreants who will bring no good to this world?

Is it easier to do so? Is it less painful to waste time than to spend it wisely?

Yes. But it is not braver. 

Be weak when you have to be. But be strong, if and...Read more

A 6-Word Story

Read more

If We Only Show Our Beautiful Selves …

Me. 6am this morning. Not feeling pretty but getting it done!

If we only show the beautiful parts of ourselves, we're only helping this world partway.

Now, don't get me wrong: I love seeing your beautiful selves. Keep that up. We all need to be inspired, and we need grace and beauty in our lives. But I want to see more. I think it's important.

The world improves when, in addition to showing beauty, we reveal some of the not-so-pretty parts of ourselves. Because this game -- in the gym and in life -- is comprised of the made...Read more

Fear: 2

"Writer's block" is fear. 
The weight you left off the barbell because you didn't believe in yourself?

Your inability to find "enough" time to do what you want to? The reason you keep pushing your glorious dreams to the margins of your life?


The way you use humor to keep the conversation light and away from your heart when someone wants to get serious?

More fear.

The silent sentences you swallow at work, or (worse) at home? Pushing them back behind your teeth, digging your nails into your thighs, leaning away instead of jumping into this life?


Why don't you just speak?

Say what scares you.

And be...Read more

Seeing the Magic

The romance of what we do is often lost on non-believers.

We try to explain it, but we fail -- time and again. The weights, the sprints, the times, the togetherness, the family you find, the whole crazyhardwonderful experience of CrossFit is simply impossible sometimes to describe fully and adequately, particularly to those who are steadfast in their decision not to see the magic.

It's like trying to explain cloud figures in the sky. Easier to describe to a child than to a grown adult. Adults can be so guarded. Many folks have stripped the wonder from their own eyes.

The sad thing...Read more

CrossFit Is More Than the Games

You don’t have to like the CrossFit Games. Or the Regionals. Or the Open.
I’m fine with you not giving a damn about who’s on the leaderboard or where you rank in your region. If you decided to quit the Open (or didn’t join at all), I won’t judge you.

What? Isn’t that CrossFit blasphemy? Aren’t we all supposed to  live, breathe, eat, sleep the Games season, from Open sign-ups until the last fan leaves the stadium at the Stub Hub Center in July?


CrossFit is more than the CrossFit Games. Always has been. Always will be. Anybody who tells you differently doesn’t...Read more

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