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Hello!  Don't know where to begin, and this will be rambling (apologies) but the fucking Universe keeps sending me signs and I guess I have resorted to reaching out to a complete stranger!

I have followed you for years.  I love your mind, your words, thoughts and opinions.  They are real and unfiltered.  Too many people in this world filter.  Its nice to see someone else who does NOT!

I live on the east coast, oceanside and have my whole  life.  I moved out from home at barely 17, got married at 20, had two gorgeous boys, got divorced at 32.  As I have grown, I have grown to embrace ME, my thoughts and mostly  my heart.  Which leads me to you...

I am now 40.  Madly in love with the perfect soulmate.  I mean, our love is easy, unreal, and only has gotten better over the past four years, but there is a catch.

I opened facebook and saw your current post "say it."  I saw the location of Scotts Valley, CA.  I love that place, no one knows where it is but I love it!!  This is the reason I am reaching out!  See, I see it as a stupid sign from the stupid universe.  I am being offered a job, in Santa Cruz, an AMAZING job that a fool would turn down.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I know that.  My youngest son is 17 and would pack his shit so fast if I said lets roll.  The job is perfect and I have been trying to avoid deciding and then you posted a stupid post from Scotts Valley (roughly 15 min from job opening)!!!   I have a week to decide.  

The soulmate cannot come with.  Let me rephrase:  will not come with.  

I have so many thoughts, fears, and words and I believe wholeheartedly in SIGNS.  

I admire you.  I remember when you uprooted your life and left.  I.  Just.  Don't.  Know.  What.  To.  Do.

Thanks for listening

lisbethdarsh moderator

@beautfldreamer Hi there! Did you mean to share all of this here? I think you probably want to delete this from this public page and email me instead at lisbeth@wordswithlisbeth -- thanks!