Things That Stand Out

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Two things that stand out from yesterday’s WODs:

1.) Melissa, during her warm-up, engaged in conversation while doing pull-ups. Think about it. When pulling your own bodyweight to a high bar becomes such a familiar routine that you can listen and actively respond to the verbal inputs of another person while doing so, now that’s something. Particularly for women, who have not been known historically as champions of the pull-up — that is, until CrossFit. Thank you, Cross-Fit!

2.) Sue and Mystery Woman chalkin’ up and cheering each other on during Cleans. Think about that too. When’s the last time, in a regular globo-gym, that you saw two established women put down their purses, warm-up, put chalk on their hands, and cheer each other on to new records in their Olympic lifts? It just doesn’t happen very often outside of CrossFit gyms. Inspirational!

Workout of the Day

Overhead Squat


Find your max overhead squat.

Sueclean Sue works the Clean with good foot position and squat depth. Not perfect but we’re improving — nice work Sue!

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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