Seven Words of Wisdom

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Can you offer wisdom in just seven words? That’s the challenge over at Tara Parker-Pope’s health blog at the New York Times: Seven Word Wisdom Contest.  There are some interesting entries — and eventual winners here: Wisdom Contest Winners. But, as always, how can we apply this to CrossFit? How about these seven words:

Eat clean. Use your brain. Lift heavy.

Or, if you’re front squatting: Open feet. Keep elbows high. Arch back.

Post your own seven words of wisdom to Comments, if you dare . . .


Tabata pull-ups. Melissa and Kirk. Very tired.

Today’s Workout

Weightlifting Wednesday!

5×5 Front Squats

(Technique Work: Handstand Push-ups, Dips.)

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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