The Case for Consistency of Effort

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Think CrossFit is only for the young bucks of this world? Think again. At CrossFit Watertown, many of our members live in fear of getting their butts kicked by Mary, who usually has a few years on them. Mary’s secret? Steady effort. Not one to charge out of the gate, Mary starts and ends the WOD with remarkably consistent effort. You could almost put a metronome to her wallball execution, she’s that consistent. So, if you blast past Mary in the first round and then spend part of the second round with your hands on your knees, trying to catch your breath, look up . . . and watch as she passes you by, like the Energizer Bunny, because she just keeps going and going and going . . .

Maryrichboxjumps Mary and Rich tackle some box jumps and step-ups.

For your reading pleasure, an article concerning the importance of personal modifications in your training program as you age: Older Athletes May Need Custom Exercise Programs

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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