Truth or Sarcasm? Our New Game

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I believe absolutely everything ever written. Uh-huh. You betcha. So, of course I took to heart what Gawker wrote about CrossFit: I have met some people who do CrossFit, and they are scarily in shape and also not at all fun to be around. Wow. Hit the nail on the head. Not fun at all. None of us. Stay away. It’s like the freakin’ Bataan Death March here. Don’t join us. Grim and horrible people. We even have photos to prove it.

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And we’re cruel too, because this video amuses us. These dogs were probably forced to practice for hours against their will, and then fed only treats for rewards. They probably even have to sleep on the floor and pee outside. Ba**ards! May God have mercy on our souls.

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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