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Richthrusters Here’s some effort for ya: Rich nailing Thrusters.

In case you haven’t seen it, CrossFit Watertown is featured in this week’s Litchfield County Times. The print edition has some great photos (including shirtless Rich!) but you can read the text online too: Intense Fitness in Watertown.

And, we’re less than 3 weeks away from the Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Challenge! It’s competition for a good cause (buying cooling vests for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan) and we’ll be fielding at least 2 teams to take on challengers from CrossFit Central CT and CrossFit Power Barn. (Those New Britain and Cheshire folks may think they’re tough but do they have a pregnant woman on their team? Well, we do! Try doing pull-ups for two while dealing with raging hormones and all sorts of things we don’t even want to mention: you’ll be on your knees faster than a sub-4 minute Fran. Take that, Cupcakes!)

For a little explanation and inspiration, take a look at Nicole Carroll and some of the CF elite taking on the Challenge: Trevor Video.

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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