CrossFit and Kickball

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kickballmayhemKickball. It’s all you’re thinking about, admit it. The big showdown is tomorrow at 3pm. PowerBarners start crying at 3:15. Cook-out afterwards.

Forget how to play? Here are the basic rules. (Although those rules don’t show any of the “Hold the player at first base” move employed by Sam in this photo. Hmm.)

Reminder for CrossFit schtuff: Classes today at noon and 5pm. Sat at 8am. Sun = no classes and get your booty outside day.

Finally, in case you’re a big moron, WikiHow has an article on How to Be an Awesome Kickball Player, with stunning tips like “Don’t let it [the ball] slip out of your hands.” (PowerBarners, go ahead. Read up on it.)

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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