It’s Not Easy Being This Fabulous

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Mentally, it’s not easy being last in a CrossFit workout. (But, physically, it’s not easy being first. And being in the middle kind of sucks too.)

So, where do you find comfort? If sometimes it feels like your best is never good enough, where do you find solace?

In good form. In doing the complete range of motion. In reaching the movement standards you set for yourself. In finishing the workout.

None of us are getting any younger. But that’s okay. Finishing first is a young woman’s (or man’s) game, most of the time.

The rest of us inspire when we perspire — or at least we hope we do. When you think about it, that’s pretty important too.

But, really, don’t mind us old folk if we trip you on the run, or we “accidentally” crossload your barbell, or we bribe your spouse to feed you high-carb, low-fat crap to sap your energy and send you into a food coma. We’re just evening the playing field, after all . . .

Lisbeth Darsh CrossFit Essays, Daily Archives

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