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Some days, I don’t even know how to describe what goes on at CrossFit. Look at this first photo. So many beautiful women — of all ages, shapes, and sizes – about start a barbell and box jump workout. They’re about to throw down and go deep into some kind of darkness . . . and learn so much about themselves and their capabilities, the illusions of their limitations, the boundaries of their hearts and souls.

Tell me, where the heck else is this going on? Where else are women in this town learning every single day how powerful and amazing they are? This isn’t babying or primping or pacifying —  this is real s*** right here. In the words of The Talking Heads: “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around.”

And then look at the next photo: David being so powerful and Rich — an almost 60-year-old man — who looks so damn good he can box jump with his shirt off!

Then, we have Barry and Derek, engaged in some kind of battle in the corner: financial planner vs. Marine. Every day, they look forward to pushing each other as far as they can. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

And we don’t even see Brian or Mikey or all of Matt in these photos. Or the folks warming up for the next heat.

And that’s just one class — ONE crazy 5pm class yesterday. It was packed — we had to run two heats — and nobody wanted to leave. It was life — in our own hands — a grand spectacle of human heart and accomplishment — right before our eyes. The noise filtering out to the parking lot through the open windows was amazing. There was no mistaking it — a different breed of people were emerging in this space. You could see it, hear it, feel it. Absolutely amazing. And that was just one class.

What fantastic things you do here, no matter the weight on the bar or the height of the jump. Everybody going to their limits. Everyone pushing themselves to find the edges of their abilities and reach beyond. It’s not enough here to do good enough. You have to find the place where there is no more in you, where you’ve fallen over the edge, where only your soul holds you up, where your muscles and your lungs have truly reached their limits. And then you come back to do it all again the next day. You all dig so deep. You all make me so proud every single day. You all rock.

Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

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