The Trifecta to Better Performance

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You can’t think your way out of a box.

That’s why most coaching books are enlightening at first, and then ultimately disappointing if all you do is read them. Ditto on nutrition or diet books. And self-help stuff.

Books can have the  greatest, most astute points in the history of the world, but nothing changes unless you execute those lessons. It doesn’t work to try to think your way out of the box.

You simply have to get off your ass.

The box is there. Whether it’s a mental box concerning your fitness, your food, or your life, you are in it. Your butt is parked in right in the middle of the box. So now you have to push and pry and kick at the walls until you find a weak point where you can rip through. Then make the hole bigger and run through it. Any book just helps you to find the holes, the weak points, the escape route.

But you have to act.

You have to gather info, think, and then act. Skip any of these steps and your outcome is probably not as great as if you had done all three.

Same thing applies to practicing the Olympic lifts. You can’t watch a video and expect it to magically transform your snatch. Can’t think your way to a better clean-and-jerk. (Although it would be really, really nice if you could.) Or a better pull-up, or a lower row time, or a faster run.

But you also can’t just blindly do the same thing again and again until perfection arrives like a miracle and the Red Sea parts and the sick are healed and Dolly Parton announces a new theme park named after you. 

But observing, thinking, and doing? Yup. The trifecta to better performance, in the gym and in life.

Get some motion in your emotion. Get off your ass and think about getting off your ass at the same time. Don’t choose either or. Improve everything. Do it now. Because if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve wasted enough time in this life already.

Lisbeth Darsh CrossFit, Daily Archives, Life, Mindset, Motivation

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