5 Things Every CrossFitter Should Do

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I’ve got 5. Do you have 5? Post ’em. They might not be the same — and that’s where the fun and the knowledge begins . . .

1.) Check out the WOD on CrossFit each day. You don’t have to follow it, but you should at least see what the mainpage is producing each day because there’s a lot of innovation there.

2.) Hand care. Enough with the bloody hand photos! Really. Read this CrossFit Journal article and stop messing up your skin and leaving your DNA on the pull-up bars. (Be smart with your calluses AND grip the bar right!)

3.) Think twice sometimes about going heavy in a metcon — and instead go light and ramp up your intensity and see what happens. Read this article about scaling and power by Jon Gilson.

4.) Mobility work. Nope, that doesn’t mean ride Grandma’s scooter. Get out the lacrosse ball, watch some delicious K-Starr, and start to heal your body.

5.) Laugh more. At the WOD, at your own performance, at life. And if you need help laughing today, there’s always The Oatmeal.

Lisbeth Daily Archives, Essays

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