Where Are Your Feet?

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Where are your feet?

Seriously. Look down.

They’re below you.

Your feet are here right now, in this place and time. You are here right now, in this world.

Is there really anything else you need to know?

Wait, how does this apply to CrossFit?

Well, there are two positions for your feet when you’re performing the Olympic lifts: Jumping. Landing.

But the same is true for all of your life. You are either jumping or landing. You are propelling weight upward, or you are trying to deal with it coming down on you. (Or, in life, both at the same time!) With either situation, you have to be strong. Keep your wits about you. And rely on what you’ve already learned and know to be true.

Don’t overthink the lift, or your life. You can handle both. You’re a CrossFitter.

Now, where are your feet?

Lisbeth Essays

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