Dear Haters

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Dear Haters,

I love you. Please keep complaining and sniping and backbiting. Bitch about me, bitch about Coach Glassman, bitch about CrossFit, bitch about the workout, the programming, the muscle-up, the Sumo Deadlift High Pull, the medicine ball, and the kipping pull-up. Bitch about everything under the sun and then find some stuff in outer space and bitch about that.

See, there’s always something you can find to complain about. Keep at it!

Since the beginning of time, there have always been haters and detractors and envious folks and malcontents. Got fire? You got haters! The cold and dark were GREAT! Why would anyone want warmth and light? Lightweights. Things were soooo much better in the dark.

We need folks like you who are upset and angry that the world doesn’t turn their way, that someone else is snatching, that someone got a clean PR, that someone else nailed their first pull-up, that someone else owns the gym, and that someone else is loving CrossFit and life!

We need you. Please don’t disappoint. Because if you weren’t there with all your belly-aching, we certainly would take things for granted. We would fail to fully appreciate the Workout of the Day, the results, the free resources on the website — and thousands of CrossFit affiliate blogs worldwide. We would fail to fully appreciate this fantastic community, these mini-ecosystems of fitness-minded folks trying like hell to make this world a better place. Yup. If we didn’t have the haters, we would fail to fully appreciate this community and CrossFit itself.

So, please, haters, take care of yourselves. Rest, eat, sleep. Fuel up. We’ve got a long road ahead of us. CrossFit isn’t dying. It’s exploding all over the world. There are more and more of us every day. So we need you guys to remind us of who we don’t want to be. Thanks so much!



Lisbeth Essays

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