Be of More Use to This World

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Be of more use to this world. That’s really the secret to success: making yourself more useful to this world. People get this concept flipped around all the time and think that success is about making the world useful to them. Well, that only works for a little while. Kind of like shorting your squat. You’re never going to really get the full benefit of the work you’re doing.

Wait, what does this have to do with CrossFit?

CrossFit helps you to be of more use to this world. Sure, CrossFit is squats and burpees and pull-ups and a million other things, but it’s functional, and you’re stronger, and you are part of something bigger than yourself: a worldwide community with similar goals, working towards a common purpose — fitness. And that’s where you can figure out how to use your talents to be of more use to the world. But you have to pay attention — to yourself, most of all. You have to determine what you need to give the world.

And fitness in body, in mind, and in spirit will help you figure that out.

Ever wonder why we post a whole bunch of different links on the main page of You watch, you listen, you read, you learn. And that learning helps you and everyone around you. 

So, the next time you’re front squatting, or doing “Karen”, or working on your deadlift, remember this: You are becoming of more use to this world. This is a good — no, a great — thing. Keep doing it. Your life can become better for it. And the lives of everyone around you. Trust me. I see it every day all over the CrossFit world. Figure out how to be of more use to this world. Everything will change.

Lisbeth Essays

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