Thumbs and Adaptation

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Life is about adapting, and so is your work in the gym.

Thumbs over the pull-up bar, thumbs around the pull-up bar. Lower the deadlift. Drop the deadlift. Full feet on the box. Toes on the box. Hand release push-ups or not. Things change on us all the time.

Also, we try things and see if they work. Some things do. Some are horrendous failures. (Blind wall-ball: Yeah, not such a good idea. Bruises heal though.)

If you don’t adapt, you’re going to die — in CrossFit and in life. Take a look at the CrossFit Games. Five years from ranch barbecue to hundreds of thousands participating in the Open. If we did not adapt to explosive growth, this whole shebang would be out of control and totally collapse.

What’s this mean to you in the gym though? In life? Everything’s not always going to be the same. Deal with it. Movements get changed. People come, people go.

Take a look at what stays though: the squat, the push-up, the pull-up, truth, integrity, laughter, love. Some things stand the test of time. Some people do too.

Wrap your thumbs around the pull-up bar today. Try a hook grip deadlift. Avoid some negative folks in your life. See how it feels. Then figure out what works for you.

Lisbeth Essays

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