Do It Badly, Then Do It Better

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Do it badly, then do it better.

Stop obsessing that your form is not perfect all the time. 

If you’re a woman, quit worrying about what your girlfriends are doing in this WOD. Put more weight on that bar and fail. Pick up the heavier kettlebell. Show me some ugly pull-ups. Push yourself hard enough that things maybe just start to look like crap. Then, focus and get your form right. Grow stronger. Then, push again. Then, get it right again.

See, a lot of women have this issue: “I want to make sure I’m doing it right” turns into “I don’t want to go heavier/faster because I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong then.” And this limits their progress. How many women have you watched fail at a lift and then turn around and say, “Sorry.” Sorry? For what? You just tried and failed? I’m PROUD of you!

Men? Most of them just plow ahead. That’s what I love about guys. They’ll toss 50 more pounds on the bar when they should add 10. They’ll pull up until their hands bleed and break their noses on the push jerk and smash a foot through the sheetrock with an aggressive running handstand. Total train wrecks sometimes and yet just pure awesome energy and confidence.

Women, catch that energy and that attitude. Please. Be a train wreck sometimes.

You could do so much more if you would just get your own head out of the way. Like in the press: Get your head out of the way. 

Go put a foot through the wall today. Drop the barbell. Mess something up. It’ll be okay. In fact, it will be fun.

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