Finding the Right Fit

Lisbeth CrossFit, Gyms

Ever buy a pair of sneakers and they feel great at the store? You run up and down the aisles, you corner in them, they look sweet, and you plunk down your money and buy ’em, all excited to wear them to the gym the next day.

And you do, but as you wear them, you realize they don’t fit you exactly right. Something’s a little off, the heel rubs, and the tongue keeps curling up. So, as much as you like the way they look, you’re forced to kick those sneakers to the back of the closet or give ’em away. It wasn’t your plan, but it had to happen. Just not a good fit for you, after all. Live and learn.

Life’s like that too. Jobs, friends, lovers, employees. What you thought was going to be a fantastic fit just doesn’t work out after all and you have to move on.

CrossFit gyms are like that too sometimes. We’re all different and offer a different spin on this CrossFit life. Some places are all about the competition, some are all about the community, and many are a mixture of both. Finding the right gym is like trying on sneakers. The key is really not to find the coolest gym, but the one that fits you right. ‘Cause if it’s not a good fit, then you need to move on and find the one that is. Just like those sneakers. Run around, corner, try them out. And if they chafe on you? Don’t stop wearing sneakers. Try a new pair.

But, please, don’t sit there and bellyache about the sneakers that didn’t fit right. They might fit other people just fine. You are not the only person in the universe, after all. Big surprise, huh?

(Note: That is not my foot in the photo. Thanks to Robocop for the leg use.)

Lisbeth CrossFit, Gyms

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