Lisbeth Essays

Ever get greedy? You’re lifting and things are clicking and you’re adding weight on the bar and all is well and then . . . then, you actually think about the outcome more than the movement. And you screw it all up.

Bam. You’re dead.

The bar is on the floor instead of your shoulders and you can hear this giant sucking noise. That’s you, sucking.

Why? Because you thought about what you could write on the board instead of thinking about the third pull in your clean. Your ego beat your triple extension. And that sucks.

Greed has no place in your lifting. Or in your life.

So don’t be greedy, just work harder. Keep your head in the game, not in the whiteboard. And the surprising thing is that when you stop being greedy, you get richer, and your numbers will start to go up again . . .

Lisbeth Essays

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