What Does It Take to Change?

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Change, change, change. We hear it all the time, we talk about it, and we see changes in other people, so we know change is possible. But how do people do it?

Not stop and start change, the gas-and-brake pedal accelerating and de-accelerating of progress that we’ve all experienced. But real, authentic, holy-sh**-look-what-happened change?

Change takes guts. Big hairy guts. Most folks don’t get past Stage 1. So swallow hard and man (or woman) up.

Change takes patience. Often the hardest part: when you have to keep going, even though you’re only STARTING to see results, whether those results are in your body composition, your mind, or your relationship with someone. Gotta keep the faith.

The third part is the kicker though: Perseverance. You simply have to stick with it. No matter what. Get through the obstacles and over the walls. You have to keep moving forward and live your adaptation. Springsteen has a line for this: “You can get used to anything. Sooner or later, it just becomes your life.”

Make sure this life is the one you want to be living. Tim McGraw has a line for this: “And who I am now is who I wanted to be.”

Holy heck, imagine YOU here. And why not?

Country stars (even those married to Faith Hill) don’t have any lock on that one. Make it happen.

So pick the right anything right now. Find the big guts inside you and change. Then breathe and be patient. And never quit. Persevere. Don’t end up at the starting line again. Find the goal line.

Don’t let life catch you and the ball. Just keep going.

Lisbeth Essays, Inspiration, Life, Mindset, Motivation

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