Grateful For These Problems

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Be grateful for your problems. They’re here to teach you.

Be thankful, especially if your problems are “first-world”: the coffee isn’t hot enough, your new shoes don’t fit right, the boss didn’t say “Thank-you” and  you just didn’t like the workout at the gym this morning.

Those are great freakin’ problems.

Be happy your daily vocabulary doesn’t include phrases like white blood cell count or transplant, or visiting hours. Be thrilled you can take your health for granted. Be happy you can take your friends for granted. Be ecstatic you can take your life and safety and security for granted.

We are lucky, so very lucky, if our concerns center on chalk abuse and not child abuse, on “Did he get to depth?” and not “What do you mean he didn’t make it to school?” And that our CrossFit concerns, while very real and valid and centered in our lives, are exactly what they are: sound and fury.

Her wall-ball didn’t touch the mark. I bounced my deadlift. He didn’t lock out.

Yeah. Good problems. Be happy, be grateful, and go help somebody.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)

Lisbeth Essays

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