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tooner and melis after power cindy in old cfwIt should usually look like this. Wreckage. Destruction. Annihilation. After “Power Cindy” you should look like somebody just pistol-whipped you or shoved a needle in your vein.

You should be wrecked.

And if you’re not? Perhaps your pacing was off, your intensity level was too low, your plan was too measured. Or maybe you just decided to take the intensity down a notch today. But (usually) you probably look something like this.

Your brain gets scrambled and your hands shake, but you feel flippin’ FANTASTIC. Yet your health improves and you look better. The fact that you get to keep all your teeth is just a bonus.

Maybe you don’t have track marks on your arms, but look at your hands. Touch your traps. Check out the marks on your shins, or your collarbone. The signs are there, aren’t they?

You’re addicted to CrossFit but you don’t have to cruise bad neighborhoods for your fix and the cops aren’t going to bust you. In fact, the cops are working out next to you and they’re addicts too. Both of you will go home and find yourself thinking about your next hit—reading some articles, haunting websites, watching videos, hitting Facebook for some talk, jonesing for your next hit.

And the next day, when you get to the box and you’re lacing up your sneakers and the warm-up is about to start, you’ll feel that pit in your stomach and you’ll be scared and you’ll think, “Holy crap, why do I do this? It’s going to hurt.” You’ll almost want to run away, back to your couch, back to the food and television oblivion that used to dull your pain of living, back before you had your first hit of that sweet, sweet fitness dopamine.

But then you remember the high you’re going to feel at the end. And you swallow hard and walk onto the floor.

The coach yells “3 . . . 2 . . . 1. Go!” The needle slips in. It pinches a bit, but then … ahhhh …


About the Author: Lisbeth Darsh is a writer and former professor, military officer, and journalist. She is the author of “The FUNctional Fitness Coloring & Activity Book for Adults” as well as the acclaimed “Live Like That” and “Strong Starts in the Mind” and “Rise.” A former executive at CrossFit, Inc., Lisbeth held key roles in the development and popularization of that global fitness movement.

Lisbeth Darsh CrossFit, CrossFit Essays, Daily Archives, Essays, Fitness, Life, Mindset, Motivation

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