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Healing isn’t easy. Often, it’s not as simple as “Rest.”

Real healing from any injury—physical or emotional—takes time and work. Rehab isn’t a pretty process. It’s painful and frustrating and you so want to quit it.

But if you do, if you give in now to the pain and just push it all away, the scar tissue will be worse than ever. Eventually, it’ll impair your mobility—whether that’s in your shoulder or your hip or your heart or your mind. You will never really gain full function again unless you do the rehab.

As hard as it sounds, the only way to heal is to go deep into the pain and fight your way back; become a more experienced, but definitely better, you.

Persevere. Face the pain and figure out how to do things better this time. Good luck. We’re all fighting through injuries of some sort, even if to the world we look perfect.



Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life, Mindset, Motivation

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