Finding the Lessons

Lisbeth Essays, Mindset

What does it take to make you stop? To make you shut up? To make you quit? In the gym, or in life?

Do you know — really know?

Can you say where your breaking point is? Or at least feel when you’re darn close? In your body. In your brain, your guts, your heart. Can you tell?

Some people think the time we spend in the gym (and the importance we attach to it) is silly, misguided, overblown. Maybe it is. Or maybe we’re finding out more about ourselves — our strengths and our weaknesses, in body and mind and heart — in an hour than many people are finding out over the course of a day or a week or a month.

Sitting and contemplating your limits will rarely teach you anything. But action will. It teaches me about me — and it teaches me about you.

So get off your butt and act.

Find out who you are. It’s not just exercise.

Elements x pressure/time.

The lessons are there. Find them.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.) 


Lisbeth Essays, Mindset

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