I CrossFit Because People Piss Me Off

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I CrossFit because people piss me off. 

It’s not the only reason I CrossFit, but I’d be lying if I said I just CrossFit because it makes the sun shine and the earth spin and some other shit that’s kinda important. Makes me healthier, happier, blahblahblah.

No, I CrossFit sometimes because people can be miserable bastards. And professional jerks. And a-holes. They come and find you, no matter where you work, no matter what kind of armor you wear. No matter how sunny your outlook. They’re amazing that way. 90% of people are fantastic, but that other 10%? TDB. (I’m going to leave you to figure that one out on your own.)

Sometimes, I go to the box to be reminded of the good in people, but there are times I go just to get shit OUT. Not out, like gay out (although we don’t object to that!) or out like some people’s belly button (“Hey, you can hang a shirt on that thing!”) but out like some anger needs to be vented RIGHT NOW, or Mr. Policeman in his shiny little car is coming to visit and he’s not going to be happy with what I’ve done. 

Life, for all its wondrous glory, is bad sometimes. It’s not pretty and it’s not fun and angels aren’t singing and cleaning your bathroom while you’re at work. Sometimes, you have to deal with shit at work and shit at home. Those are the days you feel overwhelmed and you’re likely to skip the gym. Don’t. Those are the days that save.

At least those are the days I need the gym the most. Many people feel saved by CrossFit, but many more owe their lives to CrossFit, even though they’ve never ever done it. Those people lived because you and I didn’t kill them, and we killed the workout instead.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life, Mindset, Motivation

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