If You Would Have Results, You Will Have Marks

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Work leaves scars. Pain leaves reminders. Effort has a trailing cloud of dust, and coughing, and wreckage.

That is the way of life. When have you ever done anything that disturbed not one thing, one thought, one moment, one life?

It is impossible.

Sometimes, we can choose. Other times, the explosion is much louder than we anticipated.

But it happens. Yet, there are those who think they can go through life and get the benefits without the cost, the gift without the homage, the prize without running the race.

They are mistaken. Wish them well, but stay to your path. You do not need to become entangled in their brambles.

You can see those marks as beautiful reminders of the price you were willing to pay, or you can see them as ugly reminders of the price you were willing to pay.

The scar itself never changes: only your view of it does.


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Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life, Mindset

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